Most wineries will have "about us" pages with some of the following (these make us giggle), 

          "We hand craft our wines with integrity using traditional methods from grapes sustainably grown..."

"Our wines emanate our passion in the land, the region and the people who cultivate it."

"The winemaking goal has remained fixed to showcase the unique expression of varietal character from each grape, as well as exploring the interplay between varietals in traditional blends such as..." 

While we at Prairie Creek, do all of these things, we have determined that those things don't describe "Us".



"Us" is Nick and Kristen Ryan.  

What makes us "us" is three incredibly vibrant children and an endlessly supportive family.  


"Us" is a vineyard started 12 years ago on the family farm 

"Us" is a winery started 8 years ago.

"Us" is my dad, Chuck, endlessly helping in the vineyard and winery.

"Us" is my mom watching the kids so Kristen and I can serve meals every Friday and Saturday.

"Us" is two dogs.

"Us" is 3 kids jumping from one pallet of wine to another pallet of wine,  crawling on stacks of bottles,  and looking at their funny faces in mirrored empty tanks. Making a mess.  

"Us" is an unending desire to make delicious wine everyone can enjoy.  

But if it makes you feel better....
Our winery is nestled in the not very historic area of Merrick County Nebraska surrounded by thousands of acres of corn and soybeans.  We handpick our grapes (this is some of the "traditional" part), ensuring fruit quality.  Our goal is to make interesting wines which express the character, complexity, and intensity of each grape variety (this is the "interplay between varietals" part).  Our fruit forward wines are certain to be a favorite in your home, or on your deck, or your boat.  

But really, we  make a wine you can enjoy with friends and family without all the fluff.  Consider it a gift from our family to yours.

-- Nicholas Ryan Owner/winemaker.