Prairie Creek Vineyard & Winery

Prairie Creek Vineyards and Winery is located in downtown Central City, NE in a beautifully restored brick building.  We offer handcrafted wines and unmatched culinary options.  Check us out!  Reservations are strongly encouraged on the weekends.

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Your Thanksgiving stress ends Here

Your local winery is here to help you "fake it til you make it!"

On average it takes 18 hours to prepare a Thanksgiving meal.

If you can think of a million better things to do with your time, let us help you!

Your Thanksgiving Dinner will include enough to feed 4 adults wearing really stretchy pants!

• Smokin’ Dan’s smoked Turkey Breast

• PCV’s famous mashed potatoes

• Creamed Corn (made from local Nebraska sweet corn)

• Brussel Sprouts- ready to be roasted!

• House made Cranberry Sauce

• Dinner Rolls

• Sonrisa Strawberry Cheesecake

Each dinner will be prepared in servings of 4. We will adjust quantities accordingly. (I.e. If you have 13 people attending dinner, your order will include food for 16. You’ll either be able to have bigger portions or leftovers! Both are great!)

Upgrades Available:

• Spinach & Artichoke Dip

• Extra Rolls

• Cubed Butternut Squash- ready to be roasted!

• PCV’s Macaroni & Cheese

• More Wine!!

All the goods will be packaged so that you can heat and serve in your own cookware, leaving your mother-in-law begging for your cream corn recipe, raving about your roast brussel sprouts, and drooling over your wine selections!

Talk about Hostess with the Mostest...

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Cheers to hosting the easiest, tastiest, Thanksgiving ever!