Prairie Creek Vineyard & Winery

Prairie Creek Vineyards and Winery is located in downtown Central City, NE in a beautifully restored brick building.  We offer handcrafted wines and unmatched culinary options.  Check us out!  Reservations are strongly encouraged on the weekends.


If you have been even remotely engaged  with the winery for the last several years you have seen the enormous change that has taken place.  "Us"...  well used to be us;  Just Kristen and I and a few others including our three sassy kids.  Today "Us" is WAY more than Kristen and I.  I can't put my thumb on how this has all happened, but we have surrounded ourselves with a team of overwhelmingly dedicated individuals.  Yes, Kristen and I still have our stamp on the winery.  Having said that, the other "us's" have made an incredible impact on your winery experience today.  We tip our hat to them and I hope you do as well.  Without all of "us" our fun little winery would have not grown into this bigger, "funner"  winery that we get to share with you.  Please keep scrolling to read up on the people that make us Prairie Creek Vineyards.

-- Nicholas Ryan Owner/winemaker.


katie benner

Katie joined the winery crew in 2014 and hasn't been happy since.  Have you met her, Ehh???  She is largely in charge of everything you do not see and most of the things that you do see.  Delivering wine, HR, answering ridiculous amounts of emails and phone calls, donation requests, Facebook, newsletters, licensing, inventory, festivals, marketing and other shi... I mean stuff.  Her passion for that "perfect customer experience" is constantly pushing us to do better. 


brenda vanleer

We don't know when Brenda started at the winery.  Mostly because she was never hired.  In the beginning, she was a friend helping out friends. Today, Brenda is the backbone of the winery.  She's pretty great at what she does and I don't have to yell at her that often.  Whatever is needed she is there to make it happen.  Scheduling, offsite festivals, training, server wrangling, ambiance, and all of the stuff we don't know she does.