Prairie Creek Vineyard & Winery

Prairie Creek Vineyards and Winery is located in downtown Central City, NE in a beautifully restored brick building.  We offer handcrafted wines and unmatched culinary options.  Check us out!  Reservations are strongly encouraged on the weekends.

our vines

Our original vineyard vines were started in 2003.  The one acre consisted of 550 vines of Brianna, DeChaunac, Seyval, Lacrosse and Foch.  Through out the last 15 years the vineyard has grown to about 13 acres with plans to put in another 3 acres soon.  Check our our Facebook page for more info on the vines and winemaking process.  


  • Our white wine grapes now consist of Seyval, Lacrosse, Brianna, Edelweiss, LaCressent, and Vignoles.  
  • Our red grapes are Foch, Marquette, Frontenac, Fredonia and St. Vincent.  
  • Grape production can vary from plant to plant but our target is usually in that 15-20 pounds per grape vine.  
  • Our vineyard has about 4200 established vines give or take.  
  • Bud Break is typically around April 20th and harvest going from Early August through mid September.  
  • Each ton of grapes will yield about 160 gallons of juice.  
  • We use all of our grapes in our wines and that comes to about 80% of total production.  The remaining 20%, is purchased from various growers across the state.  
  • Our site consists of flat sandy loam soil providing excellent drainage with fertile soil.  

Some incredible friends of the winery took this video footage of the vineyard and the old country winery location in the summer of 2016.  The vineyard is much the same today.


Each year the vineyard and wine making take an enormous amount of hand labor.  Each of the bottles that you enjoy at the winery have been crafted from start to finish in our facility.  We grow, crush, blend, bottle, label, cork, capsule, and distribute.  All from right here in central Nebraska.

2017 was our first year of mechanical harvest.  The video below was taken by a friend of the winery.  Check it out!